Social Marketing with Video..Is it all about YouTube?

Earlier this week I was pleased to be featured as an Expert Panelist in the area of video marketing on the VA Classroom Social Media Expert Panel. The Panel Consisted of

Yelenna McManamen  – Online Reputation Manager for a Million Dollar Internet Business
Andrea Kalli  – Owner of and Total guru on Social Media Content Marketing (Hubpages, Squidoo etc….)
Saul Colt – Social Media Marketing Guru for (Twitter Expert)image
Michelle Schoen – Owner of and a Video Marketing Specialist
Mary Motz – Owner of ProVirtual Solutions and super experienced in offering Social Network Profile Set-up and Management Services
Peter Koning – Internet Marketing Consultant and author of successful book,

For my part I talked about the various video sharing sites and my own YouTube Channel  (by the way if anyone knows how to change the name of a channel in YouTube PLEASE let me know!)

I had the pleasure of participating in the VA Classroom Social Marketing course when it was last offered in the fall and it is about to be offered again with enrolment beginning on January 25th. It is most definitely worth your time to check it out at The VA Classroom Social Marketing Course

And if you would like to access the Expert Panel teleseminar you can listen to it at


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