Maybe you need a Virtual Assistant Video Like This?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time talking with potential customers answering the same questions over and over again? Do you start developing a rapport with a potential client then at the end of the call when you tell them your fees they comment “Oh, but I can get this done in India  for just $2.00/hr”. Well, my friend, Erin, who is one of the busiest VAs I know has created a solution to this dilemma.  She made a video with her FAQs and her fees and sends everyone  who contacts her about her services to go watch it.

Now I am inspired to go do one of my own, so as soon as I have a good hair day you will see mine up on Youtube and right here on this blog, although I am not sure exactly where it will go, but it will be here somewhere-definitely.

One thought on “Maybe you need a Virtual Assistant Video Like This?

  • David Burch

    Hi Michelle,

    The last time I outsourced to India was for $8 / hour. It was $5 / hour a few months before, so the global economy has already started the process of leveling out.

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