Here’s My PowerPoint Slides from Camtasia Training at NAMS7

This weekend was exhausting.  Even though I live here in Atlanta where NAMS is held twice a year, just getting so much information in my head in 3 days was both exciting and overwhelming. If you’d like to see the slides from my presentation (the audios from all the workshops are available here) and my Action Plan for creating your own Search Story video just download them below.



I rarely present in person and I may have been a little too ambitions about what everyone could get done in such a short window of time, but we had some pretty cool videos that came out of the class. The idea was to create a Google Search video like the one here, but to make it about themselves starting with the keywords someone would type into Google to find their business.

Why does this video always give me goose bumps? Am I THAT mushy?


Would you like to give it a try? If so, here is the Camtasia Secrets PowerPoint Presentation and the Step by Step Plan.

Remember, for a while you can get the audio files and presentations from all 30 instructors along with a free trial membership to NAMS here.



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